Bryce Miller

Hey! I’m Bryce, a Scottish graphic designer here to create impactful logos, out the box editorials and hopefully in the near future, quirky motion graphics.

After studying Graphic Design for 4 years, I picked up a variety of skills involved in the umbrella of design. I found myself becoming more proficient in analysing the design process, typographic minutia and implementing them into my own work. I was even able to be awarded a _YCN commendation for a piece of work involving poems, flavours, illustrations and chocolate bars (crazy, right?). Experimentation is the key to creating designs that are unique. This is where my design theory and specialities lie. Design trends spark my creativity and experimentation triggers the full potential of my imagination, especially when generating concepts and ideas.

If you have any questions about my process or even for a little chat, please send a message my way!

Check out my portfolio!

Travel Bliss

/Posted by: jayjes
The idea was to create a piece of branding and stationery for an upmarket travel company. I initially decided to research...